Amazon send four-year-old boy hedge trimmer instead of toy chainsaw he’d asked for

A young lad who wanted a toy chainsaw got an early Christmas surprise when the Amazon driver brought him an actual power tool instead.

Baffled dad Jon Ironmonger tweeted a picture of the safe plastic toy he’s ordered for his four-year-old alongside the potentially dangerous hedge trimmer that arrived instead.

Initially, he thought the mix-up had resulted in a real chainsaw being delivered, writing: “Lovely gesture by Amazon to send my four-year-old an ACTUAL CHAINSAW instead of the toy he’d asked for!”

Bearing in mind that a Stihl hedge trimmer could easily take off an adult’s finger if used incorrectly, let alone a four-year-old’s, Twitter user Olivia Fraser replied “I hope he has a steady hand”.

Jon's son had asked for this toy chainsaw
Jon’s son had asked for this toy chainsaw

Joe Michalczuk felt the same way, quipping: “I hope it literally doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg”.

Pun of the day went to James Hobbs, who chipped in: “Let’s hope he doesn’t hurt himself with it. Injuries from this can last a long time; chance he’d be Stihl saw at Christmas…”

There was surprise among some other social media users, too, that such a thing as a toy chainsaw even existed.

What turned up was definitely not a child-safe toy chainsaw
What turned up was definitely not a child-safe toy chainsaw

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One commenter said they were “slightly alarmed there’s such a thing as a toy chainsaw,” and another doom-monger warned: “Don’t want to ring an alarm bells too loudly, but if your child is asking for a toy chain saw now, I don’t predict a good future for your family in a few years”.

One or two others drew parallels between the young chainsaw enthusiast and a famous slasher movie villain, with one commenting “Did they send a Leatherface mask too?”

Despite some Twitter users' disbelief, toy chainsaws are definitely a thing
Despite some Twitter users’ disbelief, toy chainsaws are definitely a thing

Nigel Ingledew definitely saw a Texas Chainsaw Massacre connection, writing an imaginary Amazon recommendation that read: “Customers who have bought this have also viewed – Chest freezer, Cleaning products, Marigold gloves, Rubber aprons. Do you want to buy these as a package?”

Neil Henderson kept it positive, though, predicting “He’ll grow into it,” and several other commenters pointed out that the hedge trimmer was worth a good deal more than the toy chainsaw, and suggesting that Jon should just hang on to it.

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