Ant McPartlin fuming after Dec Donnelly gives him a surprise birthday present

Ant McPartlin stormed out after mischievous Dec Donnelly surprised him with an unusual present as joke gifts become something of a tradition

Ant and Dec birthday presents

Ant McPartlin was fuming after cheeky Dec Donnelly gave him a very unusual birthday present.

Dec, who pranked his presenting pal with a pen wrapped in multiple boxes for his birthday last year, grinned as he gave the gift to Ant.

“Where is the birthday boy? I’ve got him a little present here,” Dec began as he walked through a door behind an unsuspecting Ant.

Clocking the camera, Ant asked: “Is this on social media?” before quickly grabbing a hat and covering his un-styled hair.

“It’s a little gift for you,” Dec told his friend, before warning him: “Don’t get too emotional about it, really it’s nothing.”

Ant, who was wearing a red hoodie and a pair of jeans, excitedly shook the black and white striped box.

Ant McPartlin wasn’t impressed by Declan Donnelly’s birthday gift


Ant Dec/Instagram)

“Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing,” Dec repeated, flashing a mischievous look to the camera.

But getting into the present proved to be a little tricky as Ant eventually had to use his teeth to rip the cardboard open.

“You’ve glued it! Who glues a present?” he asked in complete disbelief.

“I wanted it to be secure”, Dec giggled.

Ant resorted to punching the box as he struggled to open the box, shouting: “I can’t get into it, man!”

Finally he managed to rip open the box, and in doing so a small cardboard box the size of a DVD case flew out and landed on the floor.

Dec picked the box up, and has he handed it to Ant, he repeated: “Honestly, it’s nothing”.

The cardboard box had “nothing” written on the front of it, and contained nothing but thin air.

When Ant realised he’d been fooled, he sprung up off the sofa and stormed out – throwing his box of nothing on the floor.

“That was better than last year I reckon,” Dec grinned.

Ant struggled to get into the well-wrapped present


Ant Dec/Instagram)

Making sure that the box was definitely empty, Ant walked back inside what looks like a function room in a hotel and scooped the disappointing gift up.

He opened the small box and as predicted, it contained nothing, “there’s nothing in there”, he signed as he threw it at Dec.

This comes after the presenting duo were told to “go home” by disgruntled Welsh residents.

Bosses of the show have allegedly put up steel fences around the castle to keep nosey neighbours out.

According to The Sun, the fences are eight feet tall and have been set up around the entire estate, which blocks off trails commonly used by locals.

A sheet attached to a bridge in Abergele reads: “Ant + Dec. Go home!”

It’s the second time the show has been broadcast from Wales after Covid put paid to contestants travelling to Australia.

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