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Campaigners gathered at the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic on Saturday to warn the UK Government against triggering Article 16.

A crowd gathered at Carrickcarnon to demand that the post-Brexit arrangements introduced for Northern Ireland are retained and protected, amid ongoing negotiations between the UK and the EU.

Damian McGinty, from Border Communities Against Brexit, told the crowd that the majority of people in Northern Ireland opposed the UK’s exit from the EU.

“Don’t forget, 56 percent voted to remain and we voted to remain in the EU and by any calculation that is a majority. And a majority also support the protocol, the DUP do not speak for us.”

Mr McGinty took aim at Brexit chief negotiator Lord Frost, and called his approach to Brexit “disgraceful”.

He said: “The European Union have a critical role to play here.”

He said that if the UK does trigger Article 16, which would suspend elements of the post-Brexit arrangements in place in Northern Ireland, “the EU must stand in solidarity with Ireland and stand in solidarity with the people who live in this region”.

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