Bulls jersey giveaway goes awry thanks to Alex Caruso, Coby White

The Chicago Bulls tried to host a jersey giveaway based on Alex Caruso and Coby White in the game against the Lakers, but neither player met minimal requirements.

To liven things up before taking on the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center, the Chicago Bulls decided to host a fun little giveaway in the competitive spirit by way of social media.

Fans were asked to guess which player, Alex Caruso or Coby White, would score first in what was eventually a 121-point game for the Bulls. Those who guessed correctly would be entered to win a Zach LaVine jersey.

But no one got a jersey, because no one guessed correctly — and that’s because neither Caruso nor White scored the entire night.

Bulls jersey giveaway fails with bizarre outcome in Alex Caruso/Coby White scoring competition

Despite Caruso’s lacking baskets, the former Lakers point guard returned to the Staples Center to play the team he won a championship with in 2020.

The Lakers honored him with a presentation, while LeBron James welcomed him back in L.A.

However, scoring zip isn’t necessarily surprising, as Caruso isn’t one of the leading scorers for the 10-4 Bulls. Caruso has averaged 7.5 points per game with a field-goal percentage of 43.4 and a 3-point percentage of 32.4. It’s not that his shots are bad, he just takes very few compared to most NBA point guards. On Monday, Caruso just shot one field goal attempt and one 3-point throw, missing both.

White, meanwhile, was playing in his first game of the season and clearly has some rust to shake off as he attempted two field goals and missed both. The Nov. 15 game marked White’s return from offseason shoulder injury, and he was cleared to start the Lakers game.

While the bet certainly made sense before the game — White’s long-awaited return and Caruso’s return to L.A. — the hilarious happenstance is that neither cleared the bet. Instead, DeMar DeRozan lapped up the points for the night, scoring 38 for Chicago.

Sorry, Bulls fans wanting to cop that free LaVine jersey — better luck next time.

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