Can lettuce tea help me sleep better?

For a number of weeks now, TikTookay has been sharing a viral tip that claims to be the answer to higher sleep: lettuce tea. Does it work?

Can Lettuce Tea Help Me Sleep Better?

Last replace: 07 May, 2022

Is lettuce tea the answer to assist us sleep higher? A viral well being tip on TikTookay claims that this drink is right to induce sleep in a short while. In reality, earlier than turning into a pattern, it was already a well known treatment in common tradition.

According to its advocates, ingesting this tea about 30 to 40 minutes earlier than going to mattress can promote higher sleep high quality. Thus, with the hashtag #lettucewater, this preparation has reached greater than 12 million reproductions.

But what does science say, does it work? Well, not like different treatments trending in TikTookay, there are some scientific research that talk of such results. Even so, it isn’t a “magic” drink, as some would have you ever consider. Let’s take a better look.

Lettuce tea for higher sleep: what science says

In people drugs, lettuce tea has been used for many years as a complement for higher sleep. Recently, a video on TikTookay reminded us of the infusion, and hundreds of individuals world wide determined to attempt it. Of course, as with different house treatments, opinions on its results are divided.

While many customers declare that it actually works, scientific proof on its efficacy is restricted. In this regard, a examine in Food Science Biotechnology reported that some kinds of lettuce extract, particularly purple romaine lettuce, induce a rise in sleep length.

Specifically, some phytochemical compounds, corresponding to lactucin, lactucopicrin, triterpenoids, and saponins have been discovered to have a constructive impact in selling relaxation. They are thought to behave as pure sedatives, however their mechanism isn’t solely clear.

However, these outcomes have been disputed, not solely due to the tactic used within the analysis, but in addition as a result of the take a look at was performed on mice. To start with, the rodents got a dose of pentobarbital – a sedative – shortly after being given the extract orally.

It wasn’t decided whether or not this vegetable may truly cut back the time it took the mice to go to sleep. Its function was to make a comparability between the sleep-inducing results of inexperienced and purple leaf lettuce.

This can also be controversial when used to justify the results of lettuce water, because the examine used an extract and never a home made beverage. Furthermore, because it was completed in mice, it isn’t attainable to assert the identical results in people.

In conclusion, there’s no convincing scientific help.

The properties attributed to lettuce tea, or lettuce water, come largely from common literature. However, it’s a undeniable fact that this vegetable accommodates elements with anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant potential, that are helpful to well being.

Red romaine lettuce could be the variability with the best properties to enhance the standard of sleep; no less than in animals.

Is there any danger in consuming lettuce water that can assist you sleep?

Although there’s no proof to show that lettuce water lets you sleep, the reality is that it’s a innocent drink for many folks. Therefore, those that want to attempt it could accomplish that with none issues.

However, it have to be taken into consideration that it’s a liquid. Consequently, it isn’t a good suggestion to drink massive quantities earlier than going to mattress as a result of it could improve the necessity to go to the toilet in the midst of the evening, which, in itself, will interrupt your sleep.

Of course, as with different greens, it must be washed and disinfected effectively earlier than consumption. In addition, you must seek the advice of your physician if you happen to’re taking remedy or when you have any identified illness. In these particular instances, it isn’t at all times advisable to ingest pure treatments.

How to organize lettuce tea?

At this level, it’s price mentioning that the TikTookay viral problem suggests making lettuce tea, or lettuce water, with the iceberg selection. However, contemplating the above-mentioned examine, it could be greatest to make use of romaine lettuce. Whatever the case, it’s protected to attempt any of them.


  • 3 or 4 leaves of natural romaine lettuce
  • Honey and lemon to style (elective)
  • 1 cup of water (250 milliliters)

Preparation and consumption

  1. To start, place the lettuce leaves in a cup of water and allow them to boil over a low warmth for 3 to five minutes.
  2. Remove them from the warmth, cowl the drink and let it steep for 10 minutes.
  3. After that, pressure it by means of a strainer and eat it.
  4. Although the suggestion is to drink it 30 to 40 minutes earlier than going to sleep, it’s advisable to do it no less than one hour earlier than.

What else are you able to do to sleep higher?

If you need to attempt lettuce water for sleep that’s high quality. However, there are different helpful methods to advertise higher high quality sleep – be sure you put them into follow!

  • Ensure a clear and cozy surroundings as a way to guarantee an excellent sleep.
  • Avoid publicity to annoying lights and noises
  • Keep technological gadgets away from the bed room, as they’re distracting
  • Maintain a wholesome and balanced weight loss plan
  • Do bodily train, however keep away from doing it shortly earlier than going to mattress
  • Try stress-free aromatherapy classes – some fragrances, corresponding to lavender, can assist.
  • Practice rest strategies corresponding to yoga, pilates, meditation, or take a sizzling bathtub – this helps to cut back tensions that may have an effect on your sleep
  • Try to keep up common sleep schedules
  • If you will have insomnia or one other sleep problem, seek the advice of your physician.
For insomnia, it’s worthwhile to apply varied measures to attempt to enhance sleep high quality. Relying on pure treatments alone just isn’t sufficient.

What do you have to keep in mind about lettuce tea for sleep?

Despite being a preferred treatment, there’s no proof to point out that lettuce tea or lettuce water is helpful for higher sleep. It’s vital to drink it carefully, as an excessive amount of can have the other impact by rising nighttime urination. This preparation is mostly protected and has no uncomfortable side effects. Anecdotal proof means that it might work, however researchers aren’t positive. For now, the numerous testimonials on networks about its efficacy are defined by the placebo impact.

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