CNDH contacts Russian human rights association to save Ibrahim Saadoun

Amina Bouayach, President of the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH), announced the steps that her organization is taking to rescue Moroccan student Ibrahim Saadoun, who has been sentenced to death by a pro-Russian court in Ukraine, along with two Britons.

Bouayach stressed, at the opening of the eighth session of the General Assembly of the Council, held in Rabat, that the National Council for Human Rights is strengthening its efforts to protect the right of Moroccan citizen Ibrahim Saadoun to life.

The president said, “the CNDH has contacted the National Institution for Human Rights in Russia, in order to intervene as much as possible to protect the rights of the Moroccan citizen.”

The human rights advocate added that “the council requested the Russian institution to make all efforts in order for Ibrahim Saadoun to benefit from a fair trial during the appeal, and to communicate with the concerned parties in order to see the conditions of his arrest and respect international standards.”

During her speech, Amina Bouayach reiterated the Council’s preoccupation with this issue, and its continued vigorous follow-up to the case, assuring it will deploy all possible efforts in order to protect a Moroccan citizen from the risk of the death penalty.

Bouayach stressed that “the National Council for Human Rights, as a national human rights institution, continues its international endeavors to protect the right to life of Moroccan citizen Ibrahim Saadoun.”

“We took the initiative to make international efforts and communicate with national human rights institutions in order to protect Ibrahim Saadoun from the danger of the death penalty, which we are pleading for its abolition by all national and international legislation,” the CNDH president told Hespress.

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