Covid LIVE: This happened with Spanish Flu! Doctors now see Omicron ENDING pandemic | UK | News

The professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, Tim Spector, told Times Radio the UK should be “much more open-minded about who we are testing” and “get more people to isolate at least for a few days with cold-like symptoms”.

He urged those with cold-like symptoms to work from home and avoid Christmas parties, to help stem the spread of coronavirus.

Mr Spector said: “At the moment, we’re estimating that somewhere between one and three and one in four colds are actually due to Covid. And so that’s quite a high rate of people that are currently not even bothered to get a lateral flow test, or getting a PCR test, going to parties and spreading it around.”

He continued: “We want to tell people that if you don’t feel well that day, don’t go out, don’t go to work, work from home, because the start of that sniffle, the start of that sore throat, that headache could be a mild dose of Covid that is just breaking through your vaccine.”

He urged the public to be much more “more aware of a whole range of symptoms” and not just wait for the loss of smell or taste, persistent cough or fever which may never come.

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