Dallas Cowboys players blame NFL refs for loss to Cardinals

Following their disappointing loss to the Arizona Cardinals, it seems like the Dallas Cowboys aren’t that thrilled with the NFL’s referees.

When in doubt, blame the refs.

It’s a foolproof strategy that nearly always works after your team suffered some sort of embarrassing and frustrating loss that is highlighted by a couple controversial plays or missed calls. That’s especially true if you blame the refs after a close loss.

Some members of the Dallas Cowboys are apparently employing this perfect strategy after they lost to the Arizona Cardinals.

Cowboys linebacker Leighton Vander Esch was definitely upset at the referees who called the game, saying that Dallas was facing off against the refs more than other teams.

Randy Gregory, a defensive end for Dallas, had similar thoughts.

It sure seems like the guys on Dallas’ defense aren’t too thrilled with the referees right now.

Dallas Cowboys players angry at refs following loss to Arizona Cardinals

But, it’s hard to blame the Cowboys and their fans for being upset here. That loss to the Cardinals was close and it is highlighted by a pretty egregious sequence.

So yeah, it’s fair that the Cowboys would be upset here.

Taking a look at this game from their perspective, the refs absolutely botched that and there’s an argument to be made that it ultimately cost the Cowboys a chance to win this game.

Of course, while Dallas and its fans are incensed over the refs and that loss to Arizona, Green Bay Packers fans are having a blast mocking the Cowboys and their former head coach, Mike McCarthy. At least this moment is bringing joy to someone, right?

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