EastEnders viewers left ‘cringing’ over ‘worst drunk acting’ during row

EastEnders viewers were cringing in their seats on Monday’s episode over Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) as she showed up to the cafe drunk

Eve, who Stacey married in prison to help her, was meant to be meeting with her probation officer but instead opted to have a few drinks before they came.

After Stacey was told she would need to leave her home following Suki Panesar’s concerns that Eve was trouble, the newbie on the Square had quite a lot to say to Suki.

While she was in the cafe giving her an earful, she was wobbling around and slurring her words – but fans were left entirely unimpressed over the scenes.

EastEnders viewers were mortified as Eve showed up drunk
EastEnders viewers were mortified as Eve showed up drunk

As Eve was falling all over the place, fans were stating that they were cringing over the drunk scenes as they stormed Twitter with their reactions.

One user wrote: “This is the worst drunk acting I have ever seen. Sitting here cringing.”

Meanwhile another said: “Eve being drunk is hysterical.”

Stacey was mortified to find Eve drunk
Stacey was mortified to find Eve drunk

A third person chirped: “Not sure where the actress who’s playing Stacey’s friend learned how to act drunk lol!”

In fact, some viewers suggested that some pointers should be taken from Steve McFadden, who plays Phil Mitchell in the soap, and has played himself drunk countless times on the show.

Eve’s drunk scenes came prior to an important meeting which she needed to attend – whether she was sober or not.

She was brought home and poured a large cup of coffee as Stacey attempted to sober her up before the probation worker came over.

Viewers were cringing at the scenes in the cafe
Viewers were cringing at the scenes in the cafe

While she managed to put on a good show for the worker – with a lot of help from Jean – the good news was soon turned around by the arrival of Suki and Kheerat just as the officer left.

Suki informed Jean and Stacey that they needed to leave their home by the end of the week, with their previously arranged date of Christmas scrapped as Suki said she wants them out immediately.

It looks like the row between the families could put a pin in the flame fans believe is burning between Stacey and Kheerat.

Many viewers are adamant that a romance is silently blossoming between the pair – but can they put their family drama behind them and recognise their feelings? Or will it simply blow them apart?

EastEnders returns tomorrow on BBC One at 7:40pm.

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