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The FIA’s official statement has explained the decision to disqualify Hamilton from yesterday’s session.

“In summary, the Competitor of car 44 also agreed that it was unlikely that Verstappen’s actions [touching the car] caused the fault, however they felt that it was an open question,” the statement reads.

“The Stewards, however, were fully satisfied, having extensively reviewed the totality of the evidence regarding that incident, that it has no bearing on this case.

“Finally, therefore, the Stewards decide that car 44 failed the test indicated in TD/011- 19 and is therefore in breach of Art 3.6.3 of the FIA Formula 1 Technical Regulations.

“The Stewards agree with the Competitor that this is something gone wrong, rather than an intentional act or design but did not find there to be mitigating circumstances.

“Further, Art 1.3.3 of the International Sporting Code states that ‘it shall be no defence to claim that no performance advantage was obtained’.

“Therefore, the Stewards order the usual penalty for technical non-compliance of Disqualification from the qualifying session.”

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