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Today Fender announced its newest Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for Fender Play, the franchise’s online guitar, bass and ukulele learning app, that will help newcomers to learn how to play guitar and get a hold on their first songs and beyond. 

Fender has announced that new Fender Play users will receive a combination of 50 percent off annual plans, starting today.

To make the deal even more exciting, new Fender Play users can use the service for free for three months until the end of 2021.

The deals run until Cyber Monday 29th November.

Users of the service will be welcomed by a collection of classic festive songs to learn on their favourite instruments.

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This means newcomers to playing music who might receive an exciting new instrument this Christmas will be able to play along with the best Christmas songs in no time.

Fender Play is part of Fender’s new initiative to encourage new guitar players with their Beginner’s Tools.

CEO of Fender, Andy Mooney, recently explained: “The pandemic rapidly accelerated the already healthy growth in beginner guitar players and we accelerated our investment in tools to support them.”

Anyd went on: “Our suite of Beginner Tools enables new players to enjoy the process of learning to play music they love and perhaps go on to create music we all will love.”

The Beginner’s Tools includes the Find Your Fender app, which gives the best advice to newcomers who might not know what kind of guitar or instrument they are looking for.

It also advises on the best colour and guitar body style they should try out.

Fender has also released a Christmas gift guide, which includes a number of bundles.

Shop Fender Black Friday here.

Some guitar bundles include not just the instruments, but also bags, amps, straps, guitar picks and cables.

Pens made out of “reclaimed” wood can also be purchased from the online store, as well as Fender branded clothing and plectrums.

The guitar brand has also released a line of Christmas jumpers to go along with any potential gifts for the holiday season.

Shop Fender Black Friday here.

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