Girl has £600 trainers stolen at Winter Wonderland and goes home in Primark shoes

An unlucky visitor to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland reportedly had her Balenciaga designer trainers stolen and was forced to go home in a pair of shows from Primark.

The girl, who posted on TikTok under the handle @sev_xx went to the popular London attraction over the weekend, MyLondon reports.

In the video, she shows a photo of her at Winter Wonderland wearing black Balenciaga trainers, stating: “I came here with these shoes.”

A clip then shows the counter where she swapped her shoes for ice skates: “We went ice skating, gave my shoes there.

“And this is what I’m leaving with,” she says in the video, then showing a pair of new black trainers from Primark.

The girl was forced to go home in a pair of Primark shoes
The girl was forced to go home in a pair of Primark shoes after her designer trainers were nicked

“£600 gone down the drain,” she says.

The TikTok is captioned: “Go Winter Wonderland at your own risk, still never got them back,” with an appeal to “duet this if you got my Balenciagas”.

The viral video has gained over 1.4 million views so far and 131k likes.

There are more than 2,991 comments which are mostly supportive of the girl.

“I wouldn’t be leaving till I got my shoes or money for them,” said one person, to which the girl replied: “They literally said they can’t do anything for another week.”

“The company should be buying you a new pair, you left your property in their care, it’s their responsibility,” another said.

But some of the comments were not so supportive of the shoeless girl.

“Don’t bring expensive shoes then, it’s your property take responsibility lmao,” one person wrote.

A Hyde Park Winter Wonderland spokesperson told MyLondon: “We are investigating an isolated incident of alleged theft at the Ice Rink. We are speaking with the visitor and have recommended she escalate this matter to the police.

“We take any allegations of theft seriously and will work with the relevant authorities to resolve this issue.

“Items at the Ice Rink are never left unattended, and Hyde Park Winter Wonderland has strict lost property procedures. Our lost property department works hard to return any lost items to the public, and at the end of the event, any high-value items that remain are turned over to the police.”

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