Green Bay Packers homefield advantage

The Green Bay Packers should have a solid home-field advantage in the playoffs thanks to the weather they could be dealing with at Lambeau Field.

It’s cold in Wisconsin. The Midwest in general gets pretty frigid for January. It’s not a stretch to think that a team that is located in Wisconsin and is used to the cold (like the Green Bay Packers) could conceivably have a pretty solid advantage over a team that happens to be located somewhere with a warmer climate.

This time of year is always prone to providing brutal home-field advantages for teams in cold weather areas. And that could definitely be true when the Packers host the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs.

That looks horrifying for folks who aren’t remotely familiar with those sorts of temperatures.

Green Bay Packers playoffs: Expect Green Bay to have home-field advantage thanks to Lambeau Field weather

Just as college football teams throughout the South get the benefit of playing in the heat and humidity early on in the season and they can have a solid advantage over their contemporaries because of that, NFL teams like Minnesota and Green Bay greatly benefit from being exposed to these sorts of conditions.

Longtime veterans for the Packers will be used to this sort of weather. Sure, it’ll still be awful for them, but they’re at least prepared for this. Guys like quarterback Aaron Rodgers will know what to expect from this sort of weather. It’s nothing new for them.

But whichever team gets the pleasure of playing Green Bay at Lambeau Field? They’re probably not as used to this. There’s a very good chance they’ll have a significantly less pleasant experience with something like this.

Considering the Packers get the winner of the Los Angeles Chargers and Arizona Cardinals, it’s safe to say whichever team Green Bay gets to play won’t be used to that sort of cold.

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