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Developers 343 Industries announced today the launch of the Halo Infinite Multiplayer beta, complete with download options on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

The news was shared during the 20th Anniversary Xbox stream, following earlier leaks that a big announcement was coming.

Microsoft confirmed that November 15 would be the start date of the new Halo Infinite Multiplayer beta, with the full game release still scheduled for December 8.

This means that starting today, gamers can play the multiplayer section of the game for no extra charge.

A new message from 343 Industries provides more details on what is available today, telling fans:

“As a thank you to the Xbox community for 20 years of support, 343 Industries launched the free-to-play Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta and Season 1 three weeks early, available starting now for all players on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows PC.

“It will also be available via Xbox Cloud Gaming starting later today. Players can enjoy the Season 1 content including all maps, core modes, Academy features, and Battle Pass, and all of their progress carries over into the full Halo Infinite launch on December 8.”

343 has confirmed that when you start playing the beta, Battle Pass Season 1 is listed as ending in May 2022, which is a change from our original goal of shipping a new Season every three months.

The team says that this change was made to make sure Season 2 meets Microsoft’s high quality bar and so the team can finish development for Season 2 in a healthy and sustainable way.

“Importantly, with the Season 1 extension, we aren’t just stretching-out our original Season 1 plan,” a message from 343 Industries adds.

“Indeed, we took this opportunity to add additional events, customization items and other content to Season 1 to make it an even richer experience from start to finish. For example, starting today and through the first week, you can log-in to Halo Infinite to unlock a free collection of 20th anniversary themed cosmetics.

“Following this free reward period, the start of our Season 1 opening event, “Fracture: Tenrai”, will kick off on November 23. This will be your first of multiple opportunities to earn Season 1’s samurai-themed armor pieces and other customization items.”


343 Industries has shared several links to download the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta, which can be found below.



These new links point to the usual places and it appears that most players are seeing a blue screen when trying to access the game. From what has been shared so far by the team, it could be some time before the game becomes available to play for everyone, with a new support message from 343 confirming:

“We’re aware of an issue where players are hitting a blue screen upon trying to launch Halo Infinite. Beta build is working through our systems and should hit your console as an update shortly. We’re working as hard as we can to get you in the game.”

This suggests that you download the small Halo Infinite Multiplayer download now and wait for the update to arrive before starting to play.

The easiest route I found to downloading the 25GB beta on Xbox console was to head over to the Microsoft Store and use the Xbox Game Pass Manage Games link for direct access.

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