‘Hefner of Sex Dolls’ celebrates New Year with his hoard of synthetic girlfriends

A YouTuber who dubbed himself the “Hugh Hefner of Sex Dolls” celebrated the start of 2022 with four of his synthetic girlfriends as he sent wishes to his fans.

Jay Hefner took to the channel he uses to document his bizarre relationship with his harem of plastic partners to wish his fans a “Merry New Year”.

The “doll king”, who prefers to keep his age a secret, also announced big plans for his channel as he appeared alongside his hoard of silicone women named Saima, Kali, Asuna and Tsunade.

He said: “The first thing we want to say is Merry New Year. We are so happy, man, that you guys have rolled out this whole year with us.

Jay 'Doll King' Hefner
Jay wishes fans a Merry New Year as he celebrates with four synthetic girlfriends

“2021 was a very exciting year, man, despite all the stuff that might be happening in the world right now, man.

“We had a great time. You guys supported us. You were there for us and, man, we hope you got a lot out of the show this year.”

He went on to say that he will be adding a few new segments to his channel including a live hour entitled ‘Doll King Power Hour’ and a Sunday show called ‘Reset Sundays’.

Jay Hefner
Jay Hefner has big plans for his hoard of plastic women in 2022

He signed off his message to his 1.4k subscribers, saying that he has even more plans that will “hit you when you least expect it”.

One of his fans replied: “Looking forward and never backwards! BIG THINGS for the Doll Family this year! Blessings and Peace to all of you! 2022 is ‘The Year of The Companion’ Merry New Year, JAY DOLL KING HEFNER.”

Another wellwisher said: “My crystal ball says 2022 is going to be the year of King Hefner.”

Jay 'Doll King' Hefner
The ‘Doll King’ documents his everyday life with his dolls on YouTube

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The bloke from Memphis, Tennessee previously told the Daily Star that he prefers the dolls to humans as he can have multiple relationships with them and it avoids the complications of human companionship.

He claimed: “Being with dolls is much better than being with humans for me because they are not complicated and are completely stress-free!

“They can be in whatever fantasy I can imagine! I should have had one long ago!”

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