‘I’m a big beautiful woman – people think we’re lazy but I love teasing men’

A plus-size adult performer has opened up about loving her life as a porn star, despite the criticisms she gets from people about her weight and career choice.

Kari Anthony – also known as Queen Platinum Puzzy online – features in adult movies as a ‘BBW’, which stands for ‘Big Beautiful Woman’.

She first entered the industry working as a phone sex operator, before realising that fans were keen to see, as well as hear, her performing in a saucy manner.

Now, speaking on the CAM4 podcast with adult performer and Naked News host Laura Desiree, Kari opened up about how she found fame in porn and addressed some of the misunderstandings people often have about curvy models.

Kari Anthony
Kari Anthony is a plus size adult performer

“I think that’s a very common misconception among the plus-size performers is that we’re all just eating bon bons every day and lazy, and we’re not glamorous and beautiful,” she suggested.

“We’re also treated very submissively, and I don’t like that. I want to see more plus size performers in films where plus size women are treated as glamorous as anyone else in the industry or anyone else that’s on the face of this planet.

“I feel like we’re all beautiful no matter what size we are, and I want to see that depicted in films.”

Kari Anthony
Kari addressed some of the misconceptions people have about plus size adult performers

Despite this, the adult model admitted that she had needed to learn to cope with criticism being a common consequence of her work after she placed herself in the public eye by starring in X-rated films.

“Our bodies are our product, we are our brand. So when someone attacks us personally, it’s more than personal, we take it as a stab at our business and our brand,” she explained.

“So you have to be very thick skinned, and not let those things affect you and what you’re doing.

Kari Anthony
Kari stressed that she loves her job after finding her way into porn through telephone sex hotlines

“You have to start with just not giving a f***, and that means with your family, with your friends… you can listen but you don’t have to hear them.”

From her own experience, Kari admitted that she had developed this resilience when her family had discovered her adult work, and questioned whether she had made the right choice.

“I was like, ‘listen, you’re not going to pay my bills, you’re not going to help me survive, and I enjoy what I do, and I know that me being happy and it’s not something you agree with actually fuels me even more’,” she remembered.

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