Jamal Adams trolled Aaron Rodgers after interception

Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams snagged an interception from Aaron Rodgers as the Green Bay Packers quarterback threw the ball right to him.

Jamal Adams had every right to celebrate as he picked off a pass from Aaron Rodgers Sunday evening. Adams, a safety for the Seattle Seahawks, was right in the midst of the end zone and Rodgers apparently didn’t see him at all, so he threw a pass right in his direction.

The whole play is ugly for Rodgers as the Green Bay Packers offensive line broke down and left him scrambling around trying to find any avenue to get rid of the ball before the Seahawks caught up to him.

He technically did just that as he lobbed a jump ball up for grabs in Adams’ direction.

Unfortunately for the Packers and their quarterback, Adams happened to be right in front of the Green Bay receiver Rodgers may have been throwing to. And of course Adams ended up with the ball.

Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams trolls Aaron Rodgers after interception

Adams didn’t let the moment pass without taking a shot at Rodgers. The safety made sure to break out Rodgers’ famed “discount double check” celebration with his teammates surrounding him and Green Bay fans upset at the moment.

Given the number of interceptions Adams has throughout his career, it’s hard to blame him for being thrilled.

It’s been a rough few days for Rodgers. Between his COVID-19 vaccine controversy, Green Bay failing to get Odell Beckham Jr., and now this, it’s fair to say that he’s probably not having a ton of fun at the moment.

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