Longtime MLB infielder calls out ‘cheater’ Carlos Correa before big contract

Scooter Gennett took a post-career shot at Carlos Correa about the sign-stealing scandal before the former Astro signs his contract.

Correa is due upwards of $300 million by the end of this offseason, and he’s expected to be a very rich man when this is all said and done. But don’t expect former or current players such as Scooter Gennett to let his past transgressions fall by the wayside, even if he doesn’t stay in Houston.

The 27-year-old was a prominent member of the 2017 Houston Astros World Series team, which cheated their way to the baseball mountaintop. While it’s unknown — and unlikely — they were the only team to do so, Correa is one of the faces of a scandal that is sure to go down in baseball infamy.

So, he’s bound to hear about it until the end of his career. Gennett chimed in with his few seconds of fame.

Scooter Gennett calls out Carlos Correa on social media

“@mlb about to let a cheater who shouldn’t be playing baseball get a 300 million dollar contract. The big leagues is broken. And people wonder why I’d rather be at home then in a big league stadium. If he had a soul he’d give all 300 million to all the players careers he ruined,” Gennett tweeted.

Gennett aimed his frustration at MLB, rather than just Correa. Rob Manfred refused to punish the players involved in the sign-stealing scandal, as the majority of them came clean as to their role in the entire thing.

Nonetheless, the public scorn they’ve received and will continue to collect over the course of their careers serves as some form of punishment within itself.

Gennett would’ve preferred an actual fine or suspension.

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