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WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD FOR NO TIME TO DIE. It’s been a month since Daniel Craig’s fifth and final James Bond film was released and as ever fans are speculating over who the next 007 will be. Not just arguing over the bookies’ favourites like Tom Hardy and Richard Madden, but also how Bond will be rebooted. Will the franchise have a modern setting and just how radical a change will it be?

Express.co.uk recently spoke with Spectre and No Time To Die star Brigitte Millar, who plays Dr Vogel in both movies.

Asked about the next Bond she replied: “I have no idea! How would you even continue now [after killing him off]? What would be the next step even?

“They can either go back to the sixties and start afresh or they just keep contemporary and carry on where they left off with No Time To Die.”

Whatever the case, Brigitte is convinced that Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson have a tough task on their hands.

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The Bond actress said: “It’s very difficult also because of the audience. I think the audience is very divided.”

Not only have fans been split on the decision to kill 007 off, but others feel that in more recent years the character has been stepping further and further away from Ian Fleming’s original idea into something more politically correct. Naturally, some fans are pleased with this but others are not.

But it’s not just No Time To Die, with Brigitte pointing out how some fans really didn’t like the previous film.

She said: “Even Spectre was already divisive because of the different opinion about it.”

Sharing her thoughts on Bond’s death in No Time To Die, the Dr Vogel star said: “I found it quite surprising. If you think of real agents, they get a new life.

“They get a new passport, they get a new face, they get a new identity and are relocated.

“And I thought it would be something along those lines. It would look as though he’d died, but in reality, he was given a new face, passport and life in South America or wherever.”

No Time To Die is out now.

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