NFL Twitter adds to Cowboys destruction of Falcons in Dan Quinn revenge game

The Cowboys scored 36 points on the Falcons in the first half in Dan Quinn’s revenge game. NFL Twitter only added to that destruction. 

Quinn was fired as Falcons head coach in October of 2020, and hasn’t forgotten matters. Regardless of how much class Arthur Blank and Co. showed Quinn on the way out, it’s still extra sweet to defeat your former team.

It’s even better to do so in blowout fashion.

While there was still an entire half to go, the Cowboys held a 36-3 lead over the Falcons through thirty minutes of play. Social media — and all Cowboys fans — took notice essentially immediately.

Cowboys vs Falcons score: NFL Twitter notices

The Cowboys won in all facets of the game in the first half. Dallas scored a special teams touchdown, had a great first two quarters offensively and held the Falcons to just three points. It couldn’t get any better for Quinn, Mike McCarthy and the Cowboys.

At least the Falcons are willing to acknowledge it?

That’s a low blow by CBS. Atlanta can only enjoy their sports teams for a few weeks at a time. The Braves provided euphoria with a World Series and the subsequent parade.


Atlanta is 4-4 on the season, so one bad game won’t define what’s been a surprising campaign thus far for the Falcons. Nonetheless, fans did at least expect the team to show up in Dallas.

The Cowboys lost an embarrassing showing against the Denver Broncos last weekend, leading to mass panic in Dallas. While this team has the NFC East pretty much wrapped up, it doesn’t help the Cowboys’ standing in the conference to lose to teams they ought to beat with ease.

Instead, the Cowboys are facing what amounts to an NFL JV team. Enjoy the bye week, Dallas.

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