Nicola McLean slams I’m A Celebrity’s Adam Woodyatt after ‘planned’ Naughty Boy exit

Nicola McLean has well and truly sent sparks flying after labelling I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! star Adam Woodyatt a “desperate t**t” after his behaviour towards Naughty Boy.

The former glamour model and ex I’m A Celeb star is back with another brutal column and she has left no prisoners with her savage opinions on the final week of the show.

Her niggles are with Adam this week, as she believes that he planned Naughty Boy’s departure from the show after getting increasingly annoyed with him for not doing chores.

Nicola, 40, told Daily Star: “Now, I don’t like Adam, I do all chores at home but I’m not fucking anally p*ssed off about it…

Adam Woodyatt
Nicola McLean has well and truly sent sparks flying after labelling I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! star Adam Woodyatt a “desperate t**t”

“I’m not pissed off that he wasn’t getting up and doing the chores, that’s insane to be, and that’s reality TV. But with Adam playing the martyr and saying ‘oh, I need to get it done by this point’. No… You’re a just desperate tw*t, Adam.”

Nicola went on to explain how gutted she was to see Naughty Boy leave the show, as it looked like it was going to end up kicking off between him and Adam.

Nicola McLean
The former glamour model didn’t hold back

She continued: “He was the only one who was giving us anything and it was going to kick off wasn’t it? Adam was going to lose his shit, but now instead, now Adam has been given a free rein to be the ‘nice soap star’.

“But in reality, Adam made the choice to be that guy who cleans and then wants to f***ing complain about it. F*** off, you’re basically a gaslighter!”

Naughty Boy
Naughty Boy was booted off the show earlier this week

“He and the rest of the group were most definitely trying to push Naughty Boy out and, well, they got what they wanted, didn’t they?”

The Eastenders star is known for playing a rather irritating character on the popular BBC One soap, which Nicola says is quite like his personality in real life, branding him “really annoying like Ian Beale.

Nicola went on to say: “My kids always say ‘do you get paid more if you stay in longer?’ No, you don’t, so stop being desperate and chill the f*** out, Adam!”

Nicola McLean says its unfair of Katie Price to slated ‘non-celeb’ IMAC lineup

The reality star featured on the show in 2004 and came sixth on the fourth series of the competition.

As someone who knows exactly what it’s like being on the show, she also felt that producers were “ridiculous” to let the campmates sleep during the day.

She added: “We wasn’t allowed to go back to sleep when I was in there. They woke us up and that was that. In the jungle, there was a siren that went off and you got up and that was it. You weren’t allowed to go back and nap willy nilly.

“We were not allowed to do that, but here we are because the Castle is a f***ing walk in the park!”

Nicola has also made a big point about how she feels this series was “the s****est ever” and claims might have to boycott the show next year.

She concluded: “If it’s in Wales I can’t be bothered I will actually turn down this job, it’s a chore now. It’s a chore to watch. It’s so sh*t.

“Unless they do it in the jungle, I’m not watching, I’m boycotting. They will need to bring some crazy a*** reality TV personality into it to save the show.”

I’m A Celebrity continues tonight on ITV and ITV Hub at 9pm

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