Notre Dame, Oklahoma State players hooked up

The Oklahoma State Cowboys and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish earned the right to play in the Fiesta Bowl and they’re getting a pretty sweet gift.

One of the best things about college football bowl season is how the players receive various different prizes and incentives for competing in the bowl. Each bowl awards its players something different as it pertains to the sponsor and what they are able and willing to provide.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Oklahoma State Cowboys get to face off in the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl. As such, they get a pretty great gift for competing in the bowl game.

What do those who participate in the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl get?

The PlayStation Fiesta Bowl is one of the best bowls around. It’s a historic and prestigious bowl game that is an honor in itself to be able to attend or play in, but there’s a great gift that comes with playing in the game.

This year, the players for Oklahoma State and Notre Dame will each get a PlayStation 5. Not only is that something that can be incredibly difficult to come by due to high demand, it’s also a pretty pricey item. Just take a look at Google for a quick search for the console and you’ll find that it ranges close to $1,000, depending on the package being purchased and who is selling it.

Now, some scalpers who were able to get a hold of them are selling them for a marked up price, but this is generally a pretty expensive console. It’s pretty great that the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl is handing them out to the players competing in the game.

Location of the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl

The PlayStation Fiesta Bowl takes place in Glendale, Arizona at State Farm Stadium.

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