Novak Djokovic news: Serb ‘will be kicked out’ of Australia as PM teases bad news | Tennis | Sport

Martina Navratilova, the 18-time singles Grand Slam winner, has told Novak Djokovic he should fly back home to Serbia voluntarily.

She told Sunrise: “The best thing for Novak to do I think would be just say ‘you know what, there are too many mistakes, this is not OK and the right thing to do is just to go home.

“It’s just the right thing to do, but I don’t think he will do that because he wants that 21st title.

“Your personal beliefs have to be trumped by what is good for the greater good for those around you and your peers.

“If I were in the same situation and I didn’t want the vaccine, worried what it may do to my body, everyone else is doing it because it is the right thing to do and the country demands it.

“He had a choice not to get vaccinated and he had a choice not to play and he had a choice once he tested positive not to go out.”

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