Paloma Faith ‘couldn’t walk for 2 weeks’ after having a planned C-section

Paloma Faith has opened up about how she “couldn’t walk for two weeks” after she went through a C-section.

The star attended the opening of the UK launch of Frida at Chiltern Firehouse in London along with Fearne Cotton where they talked about the reality of giving birth.

Paloma talked about all things birth, postpartum and parenting, especially talking about giving birth to her baby girl back in February this year, when she had to have an emergency C-section.

She said: “It shouldn’t be called a birth plan, it should be called ‘my ideal situation’.”

The singer then went on to describe her postpartum body as “deflated” and compared it to a “balloon not popped properly.”

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When the baby needs feeding NOW. I will literally sit in a doorway and do it because mine rarely wants to feed so I have to seize the day. Here I was feeding her in a doorway when someone threw a fag out their window above without putting it out and it landed a cm away from her face in the Pram and covered her in ash. IN A PANDEMIC. I was so stunned I said literally nothing…… this picture sums me up really. I was fresh out a photo shoot and immediately took babies to the park after. Working mums basically leave themselves till last. Work, kids, work , kids, work , kids and maybe if you are lucky you can squeeze in food OR a shower but defo not both.
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Paloma Faith struggled to walk for two weeks after birth

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She added: “But women’s postpartum bodies are not celebrated enough. I always hid my body but now I’m 40 I’m like, this body has done some s***! My advice to an expectant mother is don’t be alone. You are not. So many women have done it.

“Everyone wants to talk about it. You can feel shame about it not being perfect. But so many feel this.”

Paloma’s daughter is her second child with her partner Leyman Lahcine.

Working Mother’s
It’s really time that society stopped expecting us to be grateful for remaining in work. I am hoping that many companies/bosses/employe​rs keep us mothers in work because we are good at our jobs not for some kind of charity. I am tired of being told I have exhausted all my favours as a working mum, I do a good job and I do it with a smile! I don’t feel guilty for having other priorities other than my work at the moment. I am fully capable of doing both I just can’t stay and socialise anymore that’s all! Knowing that until they are school age it will get easier. If my work is suffering tell me , but I really don’t think it is, if anything I’m more efficient and I get the job done better and faster because I need to get home. I hope I’m speaking for all working women out there. It’s time we stopped apologising for the amount of work we are doing in all fields of employment. This work load extends way beyond our jobs !
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Paloma had her second child in February

When the star gave birth to her daughter in February she shared a photo to her Instagram welcoming her little girl when she admitted she was in “a lot of pain.”

She wrote: “Well I’m not pregnant anymore! I had a planned c section, I’m in a lot of pain and didn’t sleep last night but it’s worth it to see and meet the new little cherub I have in front of me.

“It’s been about 30 hours and already I’m exhausted, sore and my nipples are on fire with a baby piranha that wants to kill me on them every few hours but I am of course elated!”

When you are a parent to small kids you literally don’t breathe until they go to bed. You curse all day that you can’t relax and when they are asleep you spend hours looking at photos of them.
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Paloma had a C-section with her second child

Paloma went on to say how much her baby was loved but she was worrying about bottle feeding or breast feeding as with her first child she breast fed “exclusively.”

She added: “This baby couldn’t be more loved or wanted if she tried (yes I have two gals). I’m now going through the constant worry of bottle vs breast, last time I breast fed exclusively and I think it was too hard!

“I don’t know if I wana put myself through that this time….. but I’m trying anyway. And my nipples are on fire. Lost a litre of blood and I’m in so much pain despite the pain killers. The joys!”

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