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The PS5 should become available to purchase once again in the UK soon. This week saw the PlayStation 5 become available to buy at retailers such as Argos, Very, Currys and the PlayStation Direct UK store. And if you missed any of these restocks then don’t worry, you should have another opportunity to purchase the PS5 before Christmas at GAME, Amazon and BT.

The BT restock has already been confirmed, with the PlayStation 5 available to buy for BT Broadband customers that have already signed up to register their interest in the PS5.

The next BT PS5 restock will be going live on Monday December 13 between 9am and 11am UK time.

Alternatively, if you’re not a BT customer then Amazon is tipped to be dropping more PS5 stock next week.

This is according to the ever reliable @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter account. It had been thought Amazon would be releasing more PS5 stock on Wednesday December 8 between 8am and 9am UK time.

Instead, that potential restock window came and went without any more PlayStation 5 consoles becoming available to buy at Amazon UK.

It now looks like the PS5 could become available at Amazon UK once again on Wednesday December 15, with a restock happening during the same time slot.

The good news is the last Amazon UK PS5 restock was the online retailer’s biggest stock drop ever, so we could see a hefty amount of Disc and Digital consoles available to buy once again.

But it is important to note that Amazon Prime customers get priority access for PS5 restocks, so be in with a chance of bagging an order from Amazon you really need to be a Prime member.

Earlier this week the PS5 Stock UK Twitter account posted: “Looks like Amazon UK drop should be taking place next week Wednesday (8-9am).

“Their last drop was 17/11 which was their biggest drop ever, therefore a drop was expected today. Seems that the drop drought is slowly beginning.”

Elsewhere, GAME could also be dropping more PS5 stock next week, with standalone consoles as well as bundles set to be available.

GAME, like Amazon UK, had also been expected to release more PS5 stock this week – with a rumoured restock predicted for December 9 or 10.

These dates came and went without without and stock becoming available to buy though. The GAME website lists its next lot of PSS stock as having a release date of Monday December 20.

So that indicates the next PS5 GAME restock could go live the week beginning Monday December 13. It’s unclear, at the time of writing, what date GAME could open orders for the PS5 once again.

But GAME PS5 restocks typically go live between 9am and 11am UK time, so watch out for restocks around that time next week.

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