Royal Family LIVE: Demands for Kate to ‘be next Queen’ – Camilla snubbed despite new title | Royal | News

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, has had to “step up her game” for the future of the monarchy after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s bombshell claims, a royal expert has claimed.

The Duchess of Cambridge, 39, has been relating to the public in her recent style, Eloise Moran, author of Lady Di lookbook, has claimed.

Speaking to Us Weekly’s Royally Us podcast, Ms Moran said: “I think with everything that’s been happening in the Royal Family this year, they haven’t had the best year in terms of scandal after scandal.

 “The Meghan and Harry interview, I think that was a giant bomb and I think it woke up the Royal Family. There were a lot of questions about their relevance and I think they realised that the focus should really be on William and Kate who are younger and who people relate to a lot more.

“I think that really reflected in her clothes, she’s had to step up her game this year.

“She appears a lot more confident in her style, she’s really honed in on this relatable.”

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