TV series Al Maktoub and Ti Ra ti raise Moroccan viewership

Maroc Mitri Foundation, which measures viewership charges, revealed that each Al Maktoub drama and Ti Ra Ti comedy collection had been the most-watched Ramadan packages.

Both TV collection had been broadcasted on the Moroccan 2M TV channel from April 27 to May 1.

The comedy collection Ti Ra Ti, starring the artist Hassan El Fad garnered a complete of 10,7 million views, whereas Al-Maktoub collection collected 10,5 million views.

On Al Aoula channel, Sitcom “Capitan Hajiba,” which was broadcast throughout the identical interval, gained over 3 million views, adopted by the climate bulletin, the information, after which the Moroccan collection “Nissf Qamar,” totaling 2.5 million views.

The Moroccan collection Moul El Melih additionally achieved a complete of two,3 million views.

The basis performed this knowledge based mostly on a pattern of 4,087 individuals, distributed amongst 1,026 Moroccan households.

The collaborating pattern concerned all of the areas of Morocco, mentioned the inspiration.

These knowledge gave an summary of TV consumption preferences amongst residents.

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