Ukrainian Embassy in Morocco clarifies Ambassador’s absence

Igor Prikhodko, First Secretary of the Ukrainian Embassy in Rabat, stated yesterday that the Ukrainian Ambassador, Vasilieva Oksana Yuriyivna “is still in Morocco,” and that “she will leave as soon as the security situation in the country stabilizes.”

Prikhodkho stated that the ambassador’s absence won’t have an effect on the Moroccan-Ukrainian relations and that his nation additional appears ahead to strengthening relations with the Kingdom.

The diplomat’s statements come after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that he signed decrees on March 30, recalling ambassadors from Morocco and Georgia over failure “to defend the state’s interests.”

Zelensky stated in a video message that “the diplomats did not do enough to get arms for Ukraine or get these countries to institute sanctions against Russia.”

As for Moroccan college students in Ukraine, Prikhodkho clarified that “they can now resume their studies remotely within a number of Ukrainian universities.”

In addition, the diplomat reiterated his embassy’s “commitment” to observe up their case, saying that the Ukrainian Ministry of Education “is making many efforts to ensure that Moroccan students obtain their degrees.”

Prikhodko urged Moroccan college students to contact universities through which they have been pursuing their research, or the Kyiv embassy in Rabat, to get an replace concerning their conditions.

Earlier this month, Morocco’s Higher Education ministry stated it’s at the moment learning the potential for their integration into Moroccan universities inside “resources made available to them” after assembly the coed’s dad and mom.

The Ministry beforehand promised Moroccan college students coming from Ukraine integration into the nation’s drugs colleges. However, the National Commission of Medical Students in Morocco massively criticized the choice, saying that the combination “will negatively affect the students.”

Data counsel that Ukraine is residence to 8000 Moroccan college students. Most of them in Ukraine used to check drugs, pharmacy, or dentistry fields.

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