Vita Vea lost a tooth on a nasty hit against Colts (Video)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Vita Vea took a nasty shot going up against the Colts and he ended up losing a tooth. 

No one will ever be able to question the toughness of Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive lineman Vita Vea. The man is tough as nails, and that was truly showcased on Sunday going up against the Indianapolis Colts.

In the first half, Vea ended up taking a shot to the mouth during a battle in the trenches. As a result, his mouth was left bloodied and you can see a tooth fly out via the video below.

Vida Vea lost a tooth after taking a rough shot against the Colts

Holy smokes, that tooth really did go flying after Vea took a helmet right in the face. While most humans would kneel over and probably head to the doctor, Vea was laughing things off on the sideline. Despite his mouth being full of blood, Vea didn’t care whatsoever.

He can head to the dentist once he gets back home to Tampa Bay and get himself a replacement. For now, he’s focused on still helping the Bucs take down the Colts over in Indianapolis. For Vea, he’s an absolute monster, as he checks in at 6-foot-4, 346 pounds. Opposing lineman have a nightmare trying to block him.

The defensive tackle has started nine games for the Bucs this year. Entering Sunday’s matchup with the Colts, he had posted 19 total tackles and one sack. In order for the Bucs to take down the Colts on Sunday, Vea and Co. will need to keep putting pressure on Carson Wentz, with Tom Brady of course running the show on offense. As for that missing tooth, Vea doesn’t seem to be too worried about it.

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